(Very good) Wholesale Coffee

Antz began with a mission to bring amazing coffee to the people. Now, thanks to some amazing cafes brewing Antz, we have been able to bring Antz coffee to more and more people all across Australia.

We know how hard running a successful café can be. We have been there and we know all the challenges and the joys. So when you become part of the Antz community, you become part of a community that is passionate about coffee, motivated by our approach and driven to deliver an amazing experience for every customer.

Our award-winning coffee is just one part of the story. Antz Coffee Co offers equipment solutions with well-known and reliable brands, beverage and café products that are delicious and affordable and comprehensive training and support to our café customers looking to take their coffee offering to the next level.

With over 14 years of experience in café operations, coffee roasting and wholesale supply, we are confident that Antz coffee will bring a lot of value to your café business or coffee program.

Ethically sourced and considered

Very good coffee

Since our inception, Antz has prioritised the responsible sourcing of very good coffee beans which means that not only does our coffee taste exceptional, but it is ethically and responsibly sourced from all over the globe.

We then roast that coffee to perfection so that the best of the bean is showcased. And we have awards to prove it.

When you partner with Antz, you are guaranteed to deliver amazing tasting coffee but can also rest assured that coffee is sourced responsibly and supports the communities it comes from.

Supporting you and your cafe

Boutique experience

When you become an Antz wholesaler, you become part of the Antz family and we become part of yours (hopefully). We work closely with you to support your entire coffee program and are available to help in any way we can.

We aren’t a big corporate coffee chain. We are a local business just like you, which menas we can meet your unique needs and support you to achieve your goals.

We need you to help us. Help you.

Part of the entire coffee journey

We rely on our Antz community to drive our sourcing choices and the direction of Antz. We rely on you to help us, provide you with the greatest tasting coffee. You can attend regular cupping or tasting sessions to sample what is new and provide us with feedback on what your customers are asking for.

We also provide training to your staff so they become even more coffee crazy and knowledgeable. Our passion for good and responsible coffee is what makes Antz such a popular name across Western Australia and the stronger our tribe, the better the entire Antz community does.

Antz initiatives that benefit you and also the world

The Antz Approach

Antz approaches everything in a carefully considered way, and a lot of our carefully considered initiatives are implemented within our wholesale business. For example, our electric delivery van was the first in Western Australia, and it become part of how we reduced our environmental impact when delivering coffee to our customers.

We also provide coffee pails to all our wholesale customers. They keep beans fresh and they save 9 paper bags of coffee per use. And they are refillable. Antz Customers have been using pails for years.

We also ensure that the cost of doing responsible and ethical business is not passed onto our customers, which means you can still enjoy great tasting and responsibly sourced coffee for an affordable and accessible price.

We are a family

Join the Antz Family

Join the Antz family today and discover what the power of the Antz Tribe can do for your business.

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Whether you are setting up a new venue or are already up and running, we would love to have a chat with you about becoming part of the Antz family. Get in touch using the contact form or contact Antz using the details below:

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If we are a good fit for you and you fall in love with Antz coffee, you should become part of the Antz family! We have a strong community of Antz lovers (our Antz tribe) and work closely with you to support your cafe success.