Coffee for the People

The Antz Approach is all about making great, affordable coffee, that also supports the global coffee ecosystem of people that bring that coffee to you. From the growers to the suppliers, to the roasters, to the cafes, Antz Coffee Co cares about and strives to positively impact every single person.

We care about all the people that we work with. Just as much as we care about the coffee itself.

Farmers and sourcing partners

We support all the farmers and sourcing partners of our beans and spend time selecting sourcing partners that practice ethical farming and produce great beans. We give back to these communities when we can and pay a premium price to ensure the farmers are paid fairly.

Asprounion: This Co-op seeks real solutions to problems of poverty, economic insecurity and drug cash crops.

Guatamemamala Huehuetenango: This group provides farmers and local communities with better living conditions, drinking water, clinics, schools, libraries and modern technology.

East Timor Maubisse: This fair trade co-op has implemented healthcare program, business skills development program. Their projects have assisted over 3,000 members and their families.

The Antz Team and Wholesale customers

The Antz community wouldn’t be what it is today without the passion, support and dedication of the Antz team and wider wholesale community who work hard to roast, brew and serve exceptional coffee to our Antz tribe of customers every day.

We take direction from everyone in this community, so that together we can build a brand that delivers great tasting coffee that is also responsibly sourced and good for the planet.

Antz Coffee Drinkers

We are passionate about great tasting coffee and work hard to ensure we can balance high quality sourcing with responsibility around the globe. We also expertly roast the beans to bring out the best flavour profiles to ensure you get the best cup of Joe every time.

We support all the cafes that brew Antz to make great coffee every time, delivering you a consistent and high quality experience.

Whilst our values around responsibly and ethically sourced coffee are important to us, we have never passed on the cost of operating like this to our customers. We have always wanted to make coffee as affordable as possible.