Carefully Considered

Every decision we make at Antz is consciously made in consideration our environment across the entire Antz supply chain. We believe small actions have significant ripple effects and carefully consider every move we make to positively contribute to the world we live in.

Our philosophy and goal is to reduce, reuse and recycle. Reducing use with vessels that can be reused many times over and when they need to be retired, responsibly recycled.  We strive to find the best current solution for our products and our planet.


We seek to reduce our impact on the environment around us. This involves us making decisions every day on how we can reduce our negative outputs.

Electric Van

The Antz Electric delivery van is the first of its kind in Western Australia. It supports us to reduce our impact on the environment and still deliver coffee to our customers.

Coffee pales

The Antz Coffee pales eliminate 9 paper bags per pale whilst still keeping the coffee beans fresh and tasty.


We practice reuse of everything in the entire coffee supply chain. This includes our coffee pails, coffee bags, milk boxes and crates, hessian sacks and coffee grinds. We work with all our customers to encourage the reuse of everything and participate in community initiatives that see these items being reused for innovative purposes.

Sourcing partners

Our goal to find sourcing partners who represent our interests in the search for great coffee, and balance that against an ethical obligation to look after the people who produce it. Not just the farmers but the people who pack it, wash it, pick it, the bag handlers who load it up etc.

All of our sourcing partners make sure the farms and the environment around them are looked after.

La Jacoba: At La Jacoba, we pay a premium to ensure the farmers are also paid fairly.

Tiger Mountain:At Tiger Mountain in India, we support the Wildcats Conservation Alliance which donates a percentage of every bag to sustainable tiger habitats.

Honduras San Marcos: At Honduras San Marcos we support the farm to achieve a carbon neutral footprint.