The Antz Approach

Since 2006, Antz Coffee Co has taken a few things very seriously:

Carefully Considered

Every decision we make at Antz is consciously made in consideration our environment across the entire Antz supply chain. We believe small actions have significant ripple effects and carefully consider every move we make to positively contribute to the world we live in.

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Coffee for the people

The Antz Approach is all about making great, affordable coffee, that also supports the global coffee ecosystem of people that bring that coffee to you. From the growers to the suppliers, to the roasters, to the cafes, Antz Coffee Co cares about and strives to positively impact every single person.

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Great coffee

We deliver delicious and unique coffee, carefully sourced and expertly roasted. This begins with the careful selection of the bean growing region and subsequent roasting to extract the absolute best flavour profile for each individual varietal.

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Since our beginnings in Victoria Park, Antz has always tried to support the local community and the wider Antz community around the world. We don’t just want our coffee to taste good – we want it to do good as well. Some of the Antz community initiatives still exist live in Antz cafes today.

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