Did you know that every coffee variety has a
subtle and unique flavour profile?

Taste Has Colour

The Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel helps us and you better identify and classify different coffee flavours. It is a bit like a coffee guidebook, that describes what different coffee varieties taste like and smell like. It also gives you an idea of what different tastes and flavours match and which do not.

Across the Coffee Taster Wheel you will see that

  • there are many different kinds of tastes and flavours
  • there are sweet, salty, sour and bitter tastes across the wheel
  • there are fruity, bitter and chocolaty aromas across the wheel
  • and you can read them from the inside out – so the further you go out, the more specific the flavours

The goal of the wheel is to identify and categorise different coffee variations. We use it when we are sampling new varieties as part of our research and development, but it also helps you quickly identify what coffee varieties have different taste profiles. Rather than looking for regions or altitudes, our ‘taste-has-colour’ labelling will enable you to explore different coffee varieties in a way that tingles your taste buds and senses.

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