Shop by Colour

Did you know that every coffee variety has a subtle and unique flavour profile that can be mapped to the internationally-recognised Coffee Taster’s Flavour Wheel?

Shop the Antz range by colour and explore the colours we are currently roasting at Antz.

Nutty Cocoa

Just a little bit nutty, and a tad cocoa-y describes this flavour profile perfectly. Ideal for lovers of smooth coffee that also cant walk past a fancy Bouchee Chocolate elephant. Perfect over milk. More >

Sweet Spice Caramel

If you like Christmas sweets then this flavour profile is for you. A delicious blend of maple syrup and brown sugar flavours, with a touch of spice. Well balanced and delicious. More >

Brown Sugar Fruit

This delicious flavour profile has a rich sweetness to it that is aromatic and vanilla-ey. A very popular flavour profile thanks to the subtle hints of dried fruit that befit a person who loves the best of both worlds.  More >

Spicy Choc Nut

If you find yourself eating dark chocolate for pleasure and not because of peer-pressure, then this coffee flavour profile could be for you. Rich flavours of spiced nuts and dark chocolate make every sip a great one. More >

Fruity Sweet

This flavour profile may suit you if you love foods that can also be used as pet names for your significant other. Such as ‘Honey’, ‘Peaches’, and ‘Apple of my eye’. Only the sweet colourful stuff. More >

Bright Citrus

This flavour profile is the taste version of sitting on a tropical beach wearing coconut shells with a margarita in one hand and a daiquiri in the other. The bright fruity sensations of this flavour profile balance the coffee aroma beautifully. More >

Floral Fruit

This profile is for you if you only like red and pink lollies, and cherry ripe is your chocolate of choice. A delicious and rich fruit profile that heroes berries and dried fruits to add an extra level of depth to your coffee cup. More >