Colombia Swisswater


Old gold chocolate.

The Swiss Water Process is a non solvent method for decaffeinating unroasted coffee beans. The origin terroir is kept intact with the decaffeination process. Read More.

Processing method: Swiss Water / Washed

Varietal: Varied

Sourcing partner: HAB

Suggested brew method: All methods

Roaster’s take: Delicious! We are very proud of our decaf.


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Behind the bean:

Colombia Decaf

The Swiss Water Process is a water based method for decaffeinating green/un-roasted coffee beans. The origin flavor is kept largely intact with this very unique decaffeinating process.

The beans themselves make there way to one of the Swiss Water plants from many different regions and farms across Colombia. The origins that make the final cut have to meet very specific criteria including bean size, quality and species. The end result, a delicious (yes, we said it) decaff coffee that has some character and charm.

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250g, 1kg

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Whole beans, Espresso, Aeropress, Stovetop, Pourover, Plunger