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A Little Of Our Story

Antz beginnings

From our origins on Albany highway, to the expansion across the street and down the road, it’s no exaggeration to say Antz Coffee Co has been a pillar of the Perth coffee community since 2006. Antz has evolved and fuels more and more coffee shops across Western Australia, but our approach to coffee remains the same.

The Antz Story
The Antz Approach

Coffee to the

The Antz Approach brings life to our vision of sharing amazing coffees from great people, with careful consideration to the impact we have on the earth and its people.

The Antz Approach

Farm in La Jacoba, Colombia

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Taste has colour!

Every coffee variety has a unique flavour profile that can be mapped to the internationally-recognised Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel. Discover your flavour profile and explore the colours we are currently roasting at Antz.

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The Antz Approach

Coffee for the people

The Antz Approach is all about making great, affordable coffee, that also supports the global coffee ecosystem of people that bring that coffee to you. From the growers to the suppliers, to the roasters, to the cafes, Antz Coffee Co cares about and strives to positively impact every single person.  Read More >

Carefully Considered

Every decision we make at Antz is consciously made in consideration our environment across the entire Antz supply chain. We believe small actions have significant ripple effects and carefully consider every move we make to positively contribute to the world we live in.
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Great Coffee

We deliver delicious and unique coffee, carefully sourced and expertly roasted. This begins with the careful selection of the bean growing region and subsequent roasting to extract the absolute best flavour profile for each individual varietal. Read More >


Since our beginnings in Victoria Park, Antz has always tried to support the local community and the wider Antz community around the world. We don’t just want our coffee to taste good – we want it to do good as well. Some of the Antz community initiatives still exist live in Antz cafes today. Read More >


Antz began with a mission to bring amazing coffee to the people. Now, thanks to some amazing cafes brewing Antz, we have been able to bring Antz coffee to more and more people all across Australia.

We know how hard running a successful café can be. We have been there and we know all the challenges and the joys. So when you become part of the Antz community, you become part of a community that is passionate about coffee, motivated by our approach and driven to deliver an amazing experience for every customer.

Our award-winning coffee is just one part of the story. Antz Coffee Co offers equipment solutions with well-known and reliable brands, beverage and café products that are delicious and affordable and comprehensive training and support to our café customers looking to take their coffee offering to the next level.

With over 14 years of experience in café operations, coffee roasting and wholesale supply, we are confident that Antz coffee will bring a lot of value to your café business or coffee program.